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Patriot Archery aims to be your go to source for everything archery in Central Texas. Whether you’re looking for the next archery event or needing to get that peep rotation fixed we can help.

Patriot Archery was created when we saw the use for education and training in the sport of archery and a way to introduce soldiers to hunting. We started teaching archery to the wounded soldiers on Fort Hood and noticed the soldiers with PTSD, depression, and stress from transitioning needed archery to reduce their anxiety and give them motivation throughout the week. The calm and focus needed on the archery range was instrumental in the lives of the soldiers.  We noticed that one hour of shooting a bow reduced anger, stress and anxiety without breaking a sweat. Hunting is the next step in the natural progression of archery. Hunting graduates soldiers from Archer to Bowhunter.

Patriot Archery Club is a way to raise money to sponsor wounded, transitioning, and Veteran soldiers to attend hunting and fishing trips. Join the club to join the community of civilians and soldiers who love archery and all the benefits it brings.